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В этом году исполнилось 10 лет, как не стало лидера группы Гражданская Оборона Егора Летова — время трибьютов и каверов на песни ГО. Один из представителей поколения "Нашего радио", Найк Борзов, при участии Феликса Бондарева, в послужном списке которого такие проекты, как Горностай, RSAC, Щенки и другие, записал свою версию песни "Про дурачка" — и выпустил одновременно с клипом режиссера Романа Крутякова.
Of the fresh covers in the compilation, "By Love" was also included, which Moscow disco-synth-pop band Yuyu recorded for the song of the group Mumiy Troll. The main composition of the group, created in 2010, is Mumiy Troll guitarist Artem Krtsin and vocalist Jemma Lvovich. Influenced by The Whitest Boy Alive, MGMT and Golden Silvers, they create a dance space disco soaked with retro futurism of the 80s, modernizing familiar rhythms. In 2011, YuJu won the Metro on Stage competition, and since then they have performed at metropolitan concert venues.
Kiesza - singer, former ballerina, sniper and navigator, author of music and lyrics from the Canadian Calgary, demanded around the world. Having started in the folk genre, she studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The transition of Kiesza to a new, sharper sound occurred naturally. In her youth, she idolized Michael Jackson and grew up listening to local leaders in the dance music segment, Martha Wash and CeCe Peniston. The style of the artist was also influenced by participation in the New York Body & Soul parties.
"Levitate" - the third single from the upcoming album Twenty One Pilots, released simultaneously with the video, was merged before the official release via the streaming service TIDAL. The song continues to reveal the story of a new reality, which begins in previous works, Jumpsuit and Nico And The Niners. The story is told in three chapters, plot video stories and "Levitate" - the final part of the trilogy. "Levitate" is the single from the Twenty One Pilots fifth album, "Trench", which is scheduled for release on October 5th. After this, the tour starts, in which the musicians will visit Russia and Ukraine.
Of those who can be heard live in the near future - Oxxxymiron and the full cast of artists of the label Booking Machine. After the release of the video "Konstrukt", which was recorded by Porchy, May Wave $, Jeembo, Loqiemean, Thomas Mraz, Tveth, Souloud and Markul, the artists will perform in the same lineup on August 25 at the Booking Machine Festival in Moscow. There are really a lot of joint projects in the news of this month: Hyperboloid released a collection of remixes of label musicians on the tracks Husky, Nargiz and Basta presented the video "Farewell, favorite city" - a joint project of Gasgolder and the label of producer Nargiz - Maxim Fadeev Malfa.

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